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To inform policymakers and the public about the benefits of Medicaid and what could happen to Texans if Medicaid were reduced or eliminated.

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My Medicaid Matter Petition to be Delivered to the House!

Texas Medicaid Matters social media stickerTomorrow, The Texas Well and Healthy Campaign (Kids Well Texas), Cover Texas Now, and My Medicaid Matters will deliver petitions signed by 30,000+ Texans in support of Medicaid and its expansion to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Budget Transparency and Reform. If you're in the Austin area, join us for a brief press event!

More details below.

WHAT: Delivery of petitions signed by over 30,000 Texans who support Medicaid and its expansion

A press conference and delivery of signed petitions on the House floor

WHEN: Tuesday, April 16 at 9:30 a.m. or upon morning adjournment
of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Budget Transparency and Reform hearings on Medicaid-related bills

WHERE: Outside of room E1.030 in the Texas Capitol Extension

WHO: The Texas Well and Healthy Campaign, Cover Texas Now, and My Medicaid Matters will host speakers including:

  • Working Texans who would benefit from Medicaid expansion;
  • Texans served by Medicaid who can speak to its impact;
  • Petition-drive organizers

WHY: As a Texas House committee weighs legislation to allow a path forward for Texas to extend Medicaid coverage to 1.5 million uninsured people, bringing jobs and resources to Texas, petitions demonstrate support for Medicaid and expanding coverage. Petitions will be displayed on a huge banner and in booklets to be handed out to lawmakers.


What's Next after the Texas Medicaid Matters

March & Rally?

Ralliers gather at the south steps of state Capitol under a bright blue sky.The Texas Medicaid Matters partners couldn't be more pleased with the turnout on March 5th. Over 3,000 of you came out to demonstrate your support of Medicaid funding and expansion. Countless others of you participated online, tweeting, emailing your reps, and affixing a Tx Medicaid Matters ribbon to your Facebook and Twitter pictures. The media took notice, too! To date, over 100 newspapers, news channels, and political blogs reported about the rally, including nationally syndicated Democracy Now!

While we celebrate our success, we're also thinking of Bob Kafka's words from the rally: "this is only the beginning". We have a lot of work to do to protect and expand Medicaid in Texas. How can you help?

Start by signing the My Medicaid Matters petition! Sign online or download the petition in English or Spanish. April 1st is the deadline to turn them in. Don't let the Legislature fool us!

Save the Date for a press event on April 16th, when we'll deliver the petitions to our legislators. More details to follow.

Send a letter to your reps about why your Medicaid matters! All you need is your story and your zip code.

Want more? Click here for several other ways to show your support for Medicaid through social media.



Medicaid Means...

Medicaid provides hospital, doctor and other health services to children, expectant mothers, people with disabilities, older Americans and low income families.

Medicaid provides vital home and community-based services that allow seniors and younger people with disabilities to live independently in the community.

Medicaid provides health coverage to one out of every three children in Texas and ensures they get the health care they need.  Healthy, thriving children are essential for Texas' economy and future.

Medicaid is good for the economy.  Medicaid returns billions of our federal tax dollars back to OUR economy and provides vital jobs for direct care workers, therapist, health care professionals and other workers-and it helps them support their families.

Our Goals:

Educate Texans, Texas legislators, policymakers and Congress about the real people whose health, independence, families and jobs are supported by Texas Medicaid: children, mothers, Texans with disabilities, seniors—and the workers and professionals who assist them every day.

Monitor and STOP damaging cuts, block grants, waivers or caps that will harm Texans, our families and our communities.

Advocate for access to decent health care and community-based services and supports.

Tell our leaders that deficit reduction and sustainable budgets MUST use a balanced approach that includes new revenues and does not rely on cuts alone. New revenues in the mix preserves the Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare services and supports that Texans count on.